Welcome to the CashSSP Website

CashSSP (SSP stands for Single Shared Platform) is a leading Logistical Cash Management IT System that is operational at the Central Banks of Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta and The Netherlands to handle their exchanges of notes and coins with their commercial banks and their cash-in-transit companies (CIT). 

The process for announcing lodgements and withdrawals of currency is fully automated as well as the lodgement and withdrawal functions executed by central bank cashiers and cash handlers. The system offers full functionality to track and trace the lodged and withdrawn currency and offers interfaces with existing banknote processing (sorting) machines, general ledger applications, accounting systems and local and global payment systems.

Besides flexibility and user friendliness, one of the major objectives of the CashSSP system is to stay in line with ESCB (European System of Central Banks) standards and regulations as well as other international standards wherever applicable. CashSSP currently supports the ECB tracing code and reports to the ESCB applications CIS2 (Currency Information System), CMS2 (Counterfeit Management System) and ECR (Eurosystem Central Register).  CashSSP is also connected to DECS (European Data Exchange for Cash Services) at the ECB to allow exchange of information on deliveries between CashSSP and non-CashSSP countries.

CashSSP is designed to work with any currency, accounting currency and packaging.

CashSSP is a cost-sharing model that responds to the growing demand for ECB reporting. CIS2 (monthly and daily reporting) and DECS are two well-known examples of development costs shared by the nine countries and developed by one of the two operators: NBB and DNB.

The Central Banks of Austria and of Portugal use CashSSP to interface with DECS, to report to CIS2 (Austria) and to CMS2 (Portugal).